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Reasons why our student took our course.
(Reported by actual students)

Price -
The cost of our courses whether it's a weekend class
or our certification course; we have always been complimented
with the knowledge that was received during the class and the
benefits after the class. Our price point is right on point!
Students have reported either a very successful start up on
their new business or an increase of services in their
already running business.

Knowledge - "Taking this course not only shows you how to
detail; I mean really how to detail. The course shows you not
only what we came here for but also how to think like a smart
business owner. How to be efficient, analyze and problem
solve. Knowing you competition and watching your own back
just in case of a situation
." - Quoted Student.

Staying Ahead - "I've looked at many other courses that are a
bit cheaper in price than yall's course and some that were more
expensive(by a lot) but after speaking with a rep over at your
location it was a no brainier to give you guys the benefit of the
doubt. I was definitely right with my gut feeling. I learned about
different brands on the market; as where other course only
focus on their in house brand. I learned how to be on my toes
and to also be knowledgeable about different brands that work
in different way.
" - Quoted Student.

Photo of one of one of our students completing our week long intensive detailing certification course.

Now Some Words From Us!

We here at Remtech Detailing Solutions wanted to open this company under one dream.
The dream to provide our local detailers with supplies that are not readily available to them
locally and also spread the power and work of auto detailing. Everyone here at Remtech
Detailing Solutions has either had a auto detailing background or has had the dream of
being able/having the knowledge to turn peoples junk into a revived and reconditioned gem.

Remtech Detailing Solutions isn't a big corporation like others, yes. Our customers even
though knowing we are a small company they feel more comfortable approaching us with
questions or approaching us at all. Whether it's a question about what products to use.
What will work for their situation as far as how bad of the condition of their vehicle is.
We aren't here to price gouge our customers. We are here to help those who want to learn
and share the same interest in the art of auto detailing.

Our course will have you thrilled to get started on your new business or improve the
current business you are already running.

We have hands on training with polishing machines to steamers. You will learn case by
case with each tool as desired. We don't waste out time and your time with filler information.
We get right to the point and get our hands dirty.

Following up with that statement; we teach our students all vital information about the vehicle.
  • Paint - Learning paint to the caliber of an auto body specialist
  • Headlight Restoration - Learn how to restore all kinds of headlights with ease.
  • Protection - What different methods of protection you can offer to your customer
  • Maintaining - Learn top to bottom how to decontaminate inside and out.
  • Wetsanding/Hot Water Extraction/Paint Correction/Engine Bay Detailing
  • Engine Bay Detailing - Learn techniques that saves time while being effective.
  • Hot Water Extraction - Learn when to use certain products at what time.
  • Paint Correction - Learn about different paint and how to assess required steps.
  • Steam Cleaning - Learn techniques with the power of steam inside and out.
  • Different Kinds of Polishers - Its all about technique and knowledge of products.
  • Wetsanding Paint - Also know as leveling paint. Learn how to remove orange peel.
Here are just a short list of examples of what you will learn in our certifying course.

For more detailed information email customerservice@remtechdetailingsolutions.com or call us at 832-831-0102 to speak to our friendly staff!