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Weekend Course

Auto Detailing Essentials $180
This Saturday course runs through exterior and interior detailing.
This class will show you how to properly wash a vehicle using all the tools and techniques to maintain a vehicles finish.

Which include the following(brief list)
  • How to properly use the two bucket method with the proper tools(grit guard etc.)
  • How make use of a foam cannon/foam gun properly
  • How to clay bar a vehicle to rid of contamination
  • How to prep for protection(glaze, wax and sealants)
  • How to properly wash and dress wheels and tires(wheel wells)
  • How to dress trim
  • How to properly clean glass and windows quickly and effectively
  • How to clean carpet and seats. Learn how to use different tools(hot water extraction, steam and tornador)
  • How to flush AC systems and rid of odors
  • How to dress the interior
  • How to clean and condition leather.
Introduction to Machine Polishing $220
This Saturday course will briefly show you the foundation for machine polishing.

Which include the following(brief list)
  • Learn the difference between different polishers
  • Learn the difference between pads and products
  • Learn about how and why machine polishing does to paint and why
  • Learn on different kinds of paints
  • Learn how to machine wax and seal
Advanced Class for Machine Polishing $340
(Completion of Introduction to Machine Polishing is needed before taking this course.)
This Saturday course will allow you to take the next step to paint correction

Which include the following(brief list)
  • Learn in more depth of paint
  • Learn how to wet sand
  • Learn how to remove orange peel
  • Learn how to restore headlights by machine only(no hand techniques)
  • Also, learn how to correct damage from wet sanding

After completing any one of these course you have an instant 10% off your entire order on selected items in our store the day of completion. There are no rain checks for this discount. This must be taken advantage of the day of the class. No exceptions. If we are out of stock of the item in question prepaid pre-orders are eligible for the discount. Must be paid 100% with taxes to be eligible.

These classes do teach you a lot on that particular subject but it will not match up to our week long certification course. These are brief classes taken on a Saturday and do not go into extreme depth as our certification classes do.

What times do these classes take place?
Usually 10:30am to no later than 5pm

Where do these classes take place?

In our actual detailing bay. You will feel our real detailing environment for the duration of the class.

What do I need to bring with me?
Remtech Detailing Solutions provides everything you need from lunch and drinks to pens and note pads.

When can I sign up?

You can email customerservice@remtechdetailingsolutions.com or call us at 832-831-0102 for questions or for scheduling.

Come and learn with us here at Remtech Detailing Solutions! You won't regret it!