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Get Certified Weekend Classes Youtube
Come join us in one of our classes and get professional training on your specific needs!

We offer a Saturday class that briefly covers a certain subject falling under auto detailing and we also offer a week long class.

Not sure which class to take?

Reasons to take a Saturday course:
- Want to enhance your detailing skills professionally or for yourself.
- Want to get started on a certain detailing task that you aren't sure about and want hands on training.
- Want to get started in the detailing world.
- Have fun with our instructors and make new connections!

Reasons to take a Week Course:
- You will receive a certificate of completion showing that you were trained with professionals(Great to show an employer or customer).
- You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get real life responses at no extra charge!
- You will learn the in's and out's of the detailing world. From how to property use products and machines!
- You will learn the different scenarios you will run into in the real world.
- You will learn how brands differ from each other.
- You will come out becoming a confident detailer, whether it is for a profession or you just want to learn skills in business and auto detailing.
- Also, you will get to meet other students that are in the same situation as you. There are no stupid questions!

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